Bere Alston to Tavistock Rail Reinstatement

Press release: West Devon Borough council vote in favour of the new Local Plan

The Future Housing and Planning Committee of the Local Planning Authority, West Devon Borough Council, voted in favour of the draft core strategy including the reinstatement of the Bere Alston to Tavistock rail line, on 19th April 2010. In the Core Strategy the rail reinstatement has been upgraded from desirable to essential infrastructure for the expansion of the town of Tavistock, and the necessary 750 new houses to fund the rail have also been included. The Core strategy will be consulted on finally for the next 6 weeks prior to submission to the Secretary of State.

Kilbride are pleased to see the planning process moving ahead with clear support from the local authority for the vision of delivering infrastructure with development. The delivery of the rail line is now possible provided the final core strategy is implemented and the support continues through the planning application and Transport and Works Act processes, which can now be started.


Peter Frost Managing Director, Kilbride Rail Email: [email protected]

Published on 19/04/2010