Energy Projects

A Comment From Tim Carroll

Investment in modern Infrastructure is now at the forefront of government policy and decision making. Increases in population inevitably drive the creation of new towns, more housing, hospitals... the list goes on. All of these require energy.

The country's current energy infrastructure is already creaking at the edges, and with the planned closure of existing fossil fuel facilities, the pressure will only build. This allied to reliance on the importation of supplies from non UK sources leaves the UK seriously at risk with regard to energy security.

With the looming gap between energy demand and generation, the UK must start to recognise the need for a more progressive and bolder deployment of small scale energy facilities. We have identified a viable, proven Advanced Combustion Technology (ACT) process called gasification, where waste is baked at very high temperature with the absence of oxygen, rather than burned. This makes the technology very clean.

The preferred technology solution is in the range of between 10-20MWe and will be fuelled by energy from waste (RDF). This will overcome the need for residues from recycled waste to go to landfill and will also produce much needed heat and power.

Rolton Kilbride is grasping the nettle and seeking to become part of ‘the 60,000’ – Greg Barker’s acknowledgment that we could no longer just rely on the Big Six to provide the power we need. Our drive in promoting ACT plants will we believe make a significant contribution at local levels for both the Community and Industry.

Kilbride Infrastructure

Kilbride Infrastructure Ltd specializes in the development of Energy based Infrastructure projects within the Renewable Energy sector. Kilbride Infrastructure was founded in 2012 and is backed by Cracknore Investment, a company that has extensive experience in developing and funding projects within the transport and energy infrastructure.

The starting point for specialising in energy generation came from our main client in the rail logistics field. Recognising the need to lower the Carbon generation and being aware of the shortage of power, following the closure of a number of coal fired power stations, manufacturers are keen to pursue their own energy solutions.

The Government is very keen to support this general movement into Local Generation and the Energy Market Reform Act levels the playing field by providing subsidies for renewable energy technologies.

A number of energy projects have been pursued under Kilbride Infrastructure’s name but recognising the need for a much greater engineering input on the schemes, a joint venture was formed in October 2013 with specialist engineering firm Rolton Group.

A substantial and well established engineering consultancy practice of 70+ strong, based in the Midlands, having worked together for some 15 years on a variety of railway projects, their skill set compliments that of the Kilbride Infrastructure team.

Further information is available in the Rolton Kilbride section of the website.

Rolton Kilbride is a partnership between longstanding Northamptonshire engineering company the Rolton Group, and the team from Kilbride Infrastructure, which specialises in development and infrastructure projects. The company was formed in 2014 to explore the potential for a community energy project in Northampton amongst other projects in Castle Bromwich, Swindon and Corby. Our Managing Director, Andrew Needham, joined the board on 2 February 2015.